Announcement: fully booked for Thai massage and 1-2-1 Yoga until June. Bookings for June onwards open.


Here is a selection of classes – ranging from energising dynamic,  soulful somatic-inspired movement, to slow grounding flows. Find a class which appeals to you and click the button to find out more about each of them. You can book individual classes for £12 or a class package. You have the option between five classes for £55 over 8 weeks or four for £40 over 4 weeks.

Are you new?! Enjoy a class for half price. Use “welcome” at checkout. Please note this offer is for new users only.


Please note that Vinyasa Yoga at Stroud Sky Yoga is only bookable through the studio’s website and the class pass options aren’t available for these sessions.

Please contact me if you have any questions – I love to hear from you!

Embodied Flow

Contemplative. Intentional. Poetic.

Journey through this mindfulness-based practice weaving philosophy into movement – creating a dance between your body, mind and soul. At the core of this offering is the belief that when inhabiting your body, you create a sacred space. We will be moving together at a steady pace, creating the space to explore and gradually expand your edges consciously and with heart.

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Dynamic Flow

Soulful. Mindful. Fluid.

Energise your body, mind and soul with this awakening breath-lead practice to begin the day. This is a fluid practice that explores a range of Āsana (postures) focused on different aspects of body and mind centring, opening up to intuitive movement that feels natural to your body. The class offers a nurturing, laid-back and playful environment where you are able to connect with variations of poses that serve you best – encouraging you to use breath as your inner guide. 

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Slow Flow

Grounding. Present. Deep.

Give yourself permission to slow down, unwind and find your inner glow through this deeply nourishing practice. You can expect a floor-based sequence focusing on key areas of tension to encourage you to release from habitual physical, emotional and mental patterns. We will use the breath to invite a softer quality into our movement and create the spaciousness needed to flow with whatever arises in the present moment. 

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Vinyasa Yoga

Flowing. Nourishing. Focused.

A  class which includes meditation, breathwork and a flowing sequence with intension to both strengthen and open the body.


Bookable via Stroud Sky Yoga, a friendly, community-focused and inclusive Yoga studio.

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