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Dynamic Flow

Tuesdays 8-9am & Wednesdays 7:30-8:30am

Soulful. Mindful. Fluid. 

Energise your body, mind and soul with this awakening breath-lead practice to begin the day. This is a fluid practice that explores a range of Āsanas (postures) focused on different aspects of body and mind centring, opening up to intuitive movement that feels natural to your body.

You will find space at the beginning of each practice to check in with yourself through guided meditation, exploring the subtle map of the body as perceived in Yogic philosophy.

The class offers a nurturing, laid-back and playful environment where you are able to connect with the postures that serve you best – encouraging you to use breath as your inner guide. Meet yourself with compassion and release habitual tension – leave feeling stronger, more flexible and nourished.

Come as you are – all levels welcome

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