Announcement: fully booked for Thai massage and 1-2-1 Yoga until June. Bookings for June onwards open.

Thai Massage

Thai massage is a traditional form of massage that offers a holistic approach to healing. This approach is rooted within Yoga and Traditional Chinese Medicine using principles of the subtle energy body to bring a greater feeling of well-being – both physically and energetically.

Unlike traditional forms of massage, Thai massage combines acupressure and passive release mirroring an assisted style of Yoga practice. Specific points are pressed along the body’s energetic pathway – the Sen lines – to supply the flow of energy, improving stagnancy in the body and reducing physical restrictions and emotional blockages.

General pressure is also applied through the use of hands, elbows and feet to improve range of motion, stimulate the organs and relieve physical tension.

You can expect a massage on a foam-like padding low to the floor, fully clothed with very little to no oil.

You may choose to have a Thai massage if you would like to:


~ Relieve physical tension and reduce aches and pains

~ Improve the flexibility of your joints and muscles

~ Release emotional tension stored in the body – reducing feelings of stress

~ Gain a renewed sense of overall well-being and regulation 

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Thai massage is offered on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays.

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At your home:

2hr Full Body Massage

2 hour full body massage at your home within a 5 mile radius of Stroud. (an additonal surcharge of £0.50 will be added to the total for every mile on top)

At Stroud Sky Yoga, Woodchester:

2hr Full Body Massage

2 hour full body massage at the studio

1.5hr Full Body Massage

1.5 hour full body massage at the studio

Packages available to multiple sessions:

3x 1.5hr Full Body Massage
3x 2hr Full Body Massage
Some contraindications apply for this style of massage. Please always contact your GP for expert advice and feel free to get in touch with any queries.