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Embodied Flow

Thursdays 6-7pm

Contemplative. Intentional. Poetic. 

Journey through this mindfulness-based practice weaving philosophy into movement – creating a dance between your body, mind and soul. At the core of this offering is the belief that when inhabiting your body, you are creating a sacred space. 

We will explore a somatics-inspired approach, emphasising feeling your way through movement. Staying connected to your inner experience through the physical body will be the starting point to each practice, empowering you to move in a way which feels nourishing to you. This creative Āsana (posture) practice will be used with intention and purpose to help strengthen your ability to become more present and decipher the wisdom communicated naturally through your body.

We will be moving together at a steady pace, creating the space to explore and gradually expand your edges consciously and with heart.

 Come as you are – all levels welcome

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